Profitable DIY Skills

When is it worth doing something yourself, and when is it worth hiring a professional? There’s a subjective side to this debate, which is “How much is my time worth?” But we will save that for next week.

Today let’s look at some hard numbers. Who are the tradesmen that charge the most? Which are the DIY projects with the lowest barrier of entry, and then where do those two things overlap.

First let’s look at the trades. We’ve used several websites to get ballpark figures for these services.

Painters come in at 30 dollars to 60 dollars per hour if you’re looking at basic painting.

Next is your general handyman services at 25 to 150 dollars per hour, then the carpenter at 50 dollars to 100 dollars per hour.

The most profitable would have to be the plumber at 75 dollars to 150 dollars per hour.

Any hobby can make you money because any hobby will give you either skills or items that you can sell to others. What you need to do is to brainstorm what items you have collected or skills you have developed through your hobby that you can sell.

I’m going to help you brainstorm what you can sell. There are three things that you can sell to make money from your hobby.

The first idea is to sell items that you have created through your hobby.

Go over to this website called Etsy. Etsy is an online website htat lets you set up a store to sell crafts online. So, if you’re into jewelry making or photography, or making prints, or clothes, this is a great site to sell your stuff.

I want to prove to you to use this to make a full time income. One proof is Megan Lee who runs Megan Lee Studio which made over 50,000 dollars selling her stuff.