Craft Market Tips

Consider your prices. By talking to other makers and sellers, you’ll learn that it’s a common practice to have what they call “market prices.” It’s always a great idea to do a pop-up shop special. Buy a piece of jewelry, maybe get 20% off. Adjusting prices to get really competitive with that market is really crucial.

Next tip is to have a booth mate. Have someone there helping you. Take a friend, take your boyfriend, take your mom. You have to have someone there helping you load in and then at the end of the weekend, load out.

Next tip is to bring stuff to eat and drink. I have done it both ways. I’ve packed snacks and I was really glad that I did. And then this recent market that I did, I got lazy and didn’t take anything to eat or drink and found myself running out to buy things from different vendors that were in the market. I felt like I was spending so much money while I was there to make money.

Next tip is to be ready with your business cards and mailing list. There’s going to be a lot of window shoppers at these markets. If you’re able to slip a business card or a post card into that person’s hand, they’ll be able to find you on Instagram, or your website. You could possibly get a lot of follow-up sales for people who saw something they liked, but they weren’t quite ready to make that purchase yet.

Let them know they can e-mail you or contact you anytime they have questions at all.

Mailchimp has this really fantastic app where they can just type in their contact information there, and bam! They’re on your mailing list.