Advice For Craft Makers

If you’re a craft maker, chances are you’re going to end up selling your crafts in some kind of booth or shop. For those of you who want to join the local pop-up shop craft shows, here are some tips to follow.

Don’t overthink it. This is so hard. Every market is going to be different, there’s no way to fully know what to expect going into these markets. You’re going to do the best you can. You’re going to prepare. You’re going to practice your set-up. You’re going to be really personal and outgoing and connect with people.

You’ll never be fully prepared so don’t freak out. Try to go into this without too much anxiety, because every market is a great learning experience. You take something different away every single time. You’re never going to be fully prepared, but you’re also probably not going to completely fail either.

Set reasonable goals and expectations, and if you meet those goals, that’s awesome. If not, hopefully you’ve taken something away that will make your experience better next time.

Meeting other jewelry makers and craftsmen in general has been incredible. It’s going to be a place filled with people just like you. That’s working towards the goal of being able to make a living doing what they love.

Any kind of situation where you’re going to be selling products that you’ve made like in a booth, in person, or display, that’s what we’re going to be giving advice on today.

The most important tip is not making this big mistake: not putting prices on all of the products. The situation that your customers will ask about the price and you’ll have this great conversation is not going to happen.

Think of it this way, when you go to a clothing store, you’ll want to see the price of the item before making a purchase.