The World of Arts and Crafts

Craft is a method and process by which laborers use production tools to carry out value-added processing or processing of various raw materials and semi-finished products and finally make them into finished products.

Renegade Craft Fair is an amazingly curated market that pops up in different cities around the country: LA, Brookly, Austin, Seattle, Chicago.

Here are tips for doing a pop-up shop.

First tip is to research, plan, and prepare. I started reading tons of blog posts. Renegade Craft Fair actually has an amazing website, with a great blog. Read as many sites as you can.

Next tip is to make a list. I’m a big list maker. I prefer making digital lists, so I make a lot of lists in my Google Drive. I can refer back to them on my phone or laptop. It just makes me feel more organized.

Number three tip is to do a test run in your living room. It’s the most helpful thing to do. You want your display to look as good as it possibly can. I’ve reworked my display so many times. Each craft fair that I do, I have a completely different set-up. Literally putting out all your pieces and props and everything and just tweaking it, and then taking cellphone pictures of it can really help.

When you get to the market, you can just pull out your picture and model your shop from it. Definitely do a test run.

Number four tip is when you are in the mix of things. When you are in the middle of a market. Tell people about yourself, tell people what you do, tell people exactly how you make your pieces.