What is Craft Work?


Craft is the use of production tools for workers of various raw materials, semi-processed or value-added process, ultimately making methods and processes of manufactured goods. Principles set process is: technically advanced and economically reasonable. Since the production capacity of equipment, precision and skilled workers of different factories and other factors are different, so for the same product, different factories making process may be different; even the same plant at different times to do process may also be different. Visible, in respect of a product, the process is not the only, and there is no good or bad. This uncertainty and uniqueness, and other elements of modern industry are quite different, but similar to the arts. Therefore, the process was interpreted as a “work of art.”


Process craft art design will respond to actual needs in life to technology as a means for the purpose of art, skill or impose the fine arts in a variety of decorative objects, even developed a design packaging and marketing on.